In the 1980s, nineteen–year–old Kevin Cross got a job working as an accountant for Nick Navarro, one of the most powerful and influential sheriffs in the country. Kevin and his friend Paul, a teller at a local bank, hatch an intricate scheme to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from the famous lawman. Their plan works to perfection until the Mafia catches wind and threatens to kill them unless they embezzle more. Kevin and Paul must find a way to pay off the mob, cover their tracks, and balance their chaotic lives.


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 * EA – Enrolled Agent – Licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service

* Certified Public Accountant – Licensed by the States of Georgia and Florida

* Past chairman of the FICPA Federal Tax Committee – 2009

* Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute- 1999

* Graduate member of the American Academy of Tax – 2001

* CFO of Better Way Health – 2018